Cute dog clothes for small dogs

The history of dog clothes has been around for many years and there are various photos in history showing many royalties in the past dressing their furry animals in clothes. Queen Victoria was famously among these royalties and there are even pictures of her dressing her beloved dogs up in dog coats during the famous UK dog show; Crufts back in 1891 with her 6 dogs; Fluffy, Nino, Mino, Beppo, Gilda and Lulu. Even though it is clear that dog clothes have been around for a long time, it is only in the recent decade that the trend for dog clothes has really begun among pet lovers and has continued to increase year on year with record sales in the pet industry at an all time high.

Everyone loves to get their inspiration from celebrities from top singers to reality TV stars and nobody does a costume party better than celebrities themselves. This inspiration has been passed onto the pet industry and in the midst of this trend are various cute dog clothes for small dogs including unique fancy dress costumes for dogs including the famous Pup-A-Razzi range. The range includes iconic stars from the Kind of Pop; Michael Jackson himself to the Queen of Pop: Madonna but the dog costumes don’t just stop there.

Dog costume manufacturers are now making costumes to follow the movie trend such as the recent Star Wars film. Morgan’s Dog Boutique is among these and specialise in selling Yoda and Darth Vader costumes for your dog so that Star Wars fan can get their dogs involved in on the action. Although the movie fanatics don’t stop there, Lord of the Ring fans in the USA are making costumes for their dogs so they don’t feel left out. In particular Pugs, which have been known to be the best-dressed dogs around and with many dog owners splashing the cash on their best pals on the most outrageously weird and wacky dog costumes for their Pugs so they look every bit of stylish and do not miss out on the fun and excitement.

However it’s not just Pugs that get all the attention when it comes to dressing up dogs in costumes. Dachshunds are also getting noticed in outrageous dog costumes and in between these favourites are children character costumes such as Minions and Mickey Mouse dog customers. Whatever costume you decide to dress your dog in to bring them in on the fun, know that as long you’re happy then your dog is happy and love you unconditionally no matter what.

The Sound of Music @ SoundLife

Writing the title of this article makes me think way back to the classic movie. Needless to say, every music enthusiast should know what I mean. The movie’s impact is real and far reaching but when watching it as a kid, what I remember most was how much the characters enjoyed music. I mean, really really enjoyed music.

I could not help but want the same thing. Believe it or not, our body, mind and soul yearns for music. Although different people satisfies this need in different ways, our life and culture would not be complete without it. There are music for when we are happy or sad. There are music to praise celestial beings, adults, kids, love, nature and just about anything under the sun and beyond.

Due to my humble background, I did not have the luxury to indulge myself in music and/ or learning music. Now that I am an adult and a family man, I want to be able to enjoy music with my family. My 8 year old boy is now starting piano lessons while me and my wife are taking guitar lessons. A few decades ago, we may have to take our lessons from separate schools but we are now able to attend classes as a family or have our instructors visit our home for private lessons. This is all possible due to the remarkable services of Soundlife Music Academy at

This is an extremely professional and serious music school but it is also very personal and service oriented. Their teaching staffs have an amazing resume and is highly sought after in the industry. They are available to students 7 days a week, which is a big bonus for us working adults. Speaking of working adults, music courses are considered an investment and is 100% tax deductible. Learning at Soundlife also means giving back to the community, as the academy donates to FreeArt! That has to make you feel good about yourself!

My family has been progressing well in our quest to be musicians. We are already starting to hold mini concerts in our own living room. I cannot tell you how enjoyable this is and the family bonding that we can achieve is unlike any other. I highly recommend anyone to check out Soundlife Music Academy!


My Recommendation of a Tropical Paradise – Miami & Key West

In my somewhat brief stint as a tour agency agent, I encountered many different requests for different tour routes and different people always seem to have different reasons for choosing the route/ destination that they wanted. Some people wanted a romantic getaway, some wanted to just relax with no frills after a long quarter of mind numbing work, some wanted a perfect family getaway while some just want some alone time.

No matter what their reasons may be, I always find myself including Miami and Key West among the choices that I recommend. Miami to Key West is also very accessible between each another with several transportation choices available 24/7. Miami has been glorified and glamorized by the media and TV shows but the reality is quite different. It is actually a very enjoyable place and once you get the hang of it, you pretty much do not want to leave.

Key West is a beautiful island that one may find to be a little eccentric at first due to the variety of activities that ranges from frat parties to art galleries. The disparity is huge to say the least. Of course, do forget that we are on a beach city and island so there is definitely no shortage of beach and water activities such as parasailing, watching dolphins, diving, beach soccer, beach volleyball etc. The coral reefs will definitely amaze you and the underwater world view and tour will make you believe that it is Atlantis being inhabited by Aquaman.

Miami to Key West tours are abundant. Find a reputable tour agency and you will be set for a great time. Besides the traditional way of touring both attractions, you can also opt for train tours that lasts for only 90 minutes, if you do not have an entire day(s) to spare. Trolley tours are also very popular among tourists and is considered as a major attraction.

Treat yourself to the culture, glamour and history of Miami and indulge yourself in the magic island of Key West. Many of my clients gave ten thumbs up upon returning and word of mouth has made this destination combo very very popular indeed.


The 3 Biggest mistakes new professional speakers make

By Douglas Vermeeren CEO of High Profit Speaker

Professional speaking is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. As the fastest growing industry in the world you can imagine that many are attracted to the idea of presenting from the stage for a living. Unfortunately many of those attracted to this idea (and we can include coaching in the same category) are just not prepared to succeed there. As a professional and profitable speaker for the last several decades I would like to share what I have observed to be the most common 3 mistakes that new speakers make that keep them from becoming profitable.

Mistake 3 – They don’t have a proper business model
The majority of new speakers that I have observed, and many struggling veteran speakers, do not have any idea what it means to have an effective business model for their business. Most of them are winging it. In fact, if you were to ask most of average speakers about how their incomes arrive they would attribute it to a random exposition of paid to speak and product sale calculations. Most can’t identify where their profitable transactions take place or how they were acquired. Most speakers are focused entirely on the wrong kind of transactions and that’s why they are broke.

Most speakers also focus on creating a promotion rather than a brand. What I mean by this is that because they have no specific business model every effort is focused on the money of moment rather than creating a long term relationship with clients. Everything is focused on the next promotion and bringing in a quick pay check rather than establishing a business.

A business model is essential because it is also a plan. If you know where you are going your students will have confidence to follow you.

Mistake 2 – They don’t know how to position themselves as an expert
There are a lot of definitions of expert in the personal development industry and almost everyone you meet thinks they are an expert. The first thing to clearly understand is that the title of expert is never self inflicted. You cannot simply label yourself as an expert and receive the benefits. This title and it’s accompanying rewards come from those you serve. In my experience becoming an expert begins with being unique and highly valuable. The problem with most beginning speakers is that they really haven’t done much yet to earn the right to speak. This is a concept that Dale Carnegie highlighted in his original speaking courses. You must earn the right to talk about a subject. Depth comes before positioning as an expert.

Positioning yourself as an expert goes beyond content. But having powerful content is the foundation. Assuming that you have powerful content the next step involves marketplace positioning. The intricacies of positioning strategies are beyond the scope of this short article. But simply but you need to understand your demographic and the major problems they are trying to solve. The more aware you are of their problems the more can create speeches, workshops, products, materials and visibility that will position you as the authority in this area.

Mistake 1 – They imitate those they admire
This is the biggest mistake I see new speakers making. This mistake shuts doors instantly and takes away all of their credibility. In fact, when you see it occurring in a live presentation look around quick and you will literally see members of the audience shut down. The say that imitation is a form of flattery, but it is also a form of plagiarism and your audience knows it. I want to be clear that just because you’ve seen The Secret doesn’t make you a law of attraction coach. Just because you’ve read Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within doesn’t give you the right to invite people to high five, dancing in their chairs or walk on fire. But lots of new speakers do this. They experience something fun and exciting and build presentations around other peoples materials. It just doesn’t work. (Trust me, I tried this in the beginning too.)

And if you ever have to touch on a concept that you know belongs to someone else to illustrate your own ideas it is proper and respectable to give credit where credit is due. Your audience will respect you and the small speaking community will thank you for it.

In conclusion I want to proclaim that speaking professionally is one of the greatest businesses to be in. you can have lots of success here if you are dedicated and committed to being the best you can be. That means building the business the right way by working on both your platform skills and the business part of your speaking business.

To help you get to the next step I’d like to give you a free gift that will help you avoid 3 major obstacles that every speakers encounters that costs them money and makes thing difficult. You can access this free ebook by going to
Douglas Vermeeren is the president of High Profit Speaker. He is also the producer of the Movies The Opus (Featuring Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, John Demartini, Bob Doyle, Morris Goodman and others from The Secret.) The Gratitude Experiment (Featuring Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, John Gray, John Demartini, Mary Morrissey and others.) and the Treasure Map(Featuring John Demartini, Randy Gage, Loral Langemeier, Marshall Sylver, Raymond Aaron and others.) He is also the author of 3 books int he Guerrilla Marketing series and the dummies brands. He teaches speakers how to make more money, get on more stages, JV with other top speakers and sell more from the stage.

So is TopOption really a proper binary options broker?

With SpotOption, the broker TopOption binary options has opted for one of the most popular trading platforms in the area. The platform can stand out through various useful functions, providing an opportunity new traders as well as professionals, as effectively as possible to make the binary options trading. The offer is comprehensively, as also our TopOption experience confirmed also in the area of commercial species. So not only the simple options trading is offered, but customers can also use the one-touch trade, as well as the popular OptionBuilder. With the OptionBuilder, the trader has the ability to be specially-created options and thus to be able to make profits. The trading platform is available not only in English language, but in more than ten languages. In total, the customer can decide between more than 180 base values. While the range of stocks and indices to commodities and currencies.

Bottom line: Customers profit from Topoption not only a wide range of commercial species, which includes not only the call/put trading, but also the one-touch trading and the popular OptionBuilder of over 180 financial products available in the fields of trade shares, indices, commodities and currencies very of use can be.

Conclusion: TopOption proves with its beginner-friendly trading conditions as appropriate online broker for beginners: starting with a minimum deposit of €100 customers to a minimum trading amount of €10 to TopOption action can. This is a maximum yield of 85% in regular and 500% in the high-yield trading – but only at a risk of loss.

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Douglas Vermeeren reinvents Speaker training with High Profit Speaker

By Terri McCoullogh

In a world where there are so many good tools available for speakers to take their business to the next level it’s hard to believe that something could come along to take the idea of good training and make it spectacular. That’s exactly what Douglas Vermeeren, the president of High Profit Speaker has done with their training. Perhaps the name says it all – HIGH PROFIT SPEAKER. ( is what their focus is on and it makes sense as you’ll see in the following interview:

Terri McCoullough: With me is Douglas Vermeeren, The President of High Profit Speaker. His company focuses on training public speaker, or motivational speakers to create greater success in their business. Today he is going to share with us a little bit about how his company is changing the speaker training world and what speakers can do to take their business to the big profit levels. Thanks for being with me.

Douglas Vermeeren: It’s good to be with you.

Terri McCoullough: Most people who would know you know that you are the producers of 3 of the most successful personal development movies, The Opus, The Gratitude Experiment and The Treasure Map. They also may know you as the author of 3 books in the Guerrilla Marketing series and one for the dummies brand. But what they may not know is that you are a highly profitable speaker and you teach others how to do the same. Can you tell us how you got there?

Douglas Vermeeren: Thank you Terri. Actually I’m kind of glad you mentioned the other things too, but becoming a high profit speaker really involves a bigger picture than just focusing on profit. It’s important to have a full business model and a variety of elements in place to grow your expertise and credibility in the marketplace. That’s what I’ve tried to do with the books and movies I’ve created in addition to what I’ve been able to do on the stage.

Terri McCoullough : What would you say is the biggest mistake that most speakers are making today?

Douglas Vermeeren: Well, I think the biggest single mistake is that they don’t really have a business model figured out for their speaking. And without the model any speaking, coaching, products, seminars, workshops or whatever they are trying to do is not attached to strategic plan for growth. They basically wing it. And because they are reinventing themselves nearly every presentation they are also begging at square one to find new customers each time.

Terri McCoullough : Explain to us what you mean by business models for speakers? What are you referring to when you say a business model?

Douglas Vermeeren: I think a business model really means two parts. It’s not a business plan when you break down what you are going to do. It’s really about identifying the transactions that your customer base is willing to pay for based on the problems you can solve for them. And the second part of the business model deals with your funnels. When you find customers where will you take them so that they can get results and compensate you for your support and teachings.

Terri McCoullough: What elements are important for speakers to consider?
Douglas Vermeeren: Well, I think a big thing that most speakers do as a mistake is that they spend a lot of time developing great content, but not enough time thinking and planning about how they will sell it so their audience can get results and they can make a profit. Profit is important as a speaker. I often tell our students that if you don’t make a profit you don’t get the privilege. Meaning the privilege to be in the speaking business.

Terri McCoullough: How can people learn more about your programs if they’d like to become High Profit speakers?

Douglas Vermeeren: They can go tour website There they can find a free ebook called 3 Obstacle to Speaking Success. This will help give them basic tools to start. From there they could also register to attend a free info session in their area.

Terri McCoullough: Thank you talking the time to talk with me.

Douglas Vermeeren: Thanks for having me.


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VIP Treatment for your printing needs!

Everyone enjoys preferential treatment. It sets us apart from the rest and gives us a sense of superiority. We see and use the term VIP very often and many of us know that it stands for Very Important Person. Smart businesses makes their clients feel special and personalized services turns every single client into a Very Important Person. This should be the aim for most businesses but not everyone manages to accomplish this feat.

You can find such a business at where everyone is a VIP. The website’s first impression gives visitors a comfortable feeling. The list of products and services can be seen at one glance in a simple and professional layout. The banners are also very interesting. One thing that caught my eye was the green printing services that helps preserve the environment at no extra cost to the client.

Register and log into your account and you will find that it is easy to maneuver as A, B and C. I was very impressed with how easy it all is but still decided to test their customer service by calling the customer service hotline. The personalized service I received was impeccable to say the least. I was very patiently dealt with and was shown the way step by step. I was also introduced to many other services that was related and would be of use some day.

The company name is true to its name for sure. Printing VIP truly provides a VIP treatment to its clients with an array of services that is unparalleled. I especially love the slogan that assures me that I am working with the right company. It says “The Largest Selection of Offset & Digital Products in the Market Today”. If I had not experienced their services first hand, I might not have believed this phrase and would have mistook it as an exaggeration. But I am truly convinced of their diversity and professionalism in their services.

My order is already on its way to me. I highly recommend any businesses of individuals of have any sort of printing needs to contact Printing VIP.



Votes and Likes can be bought?

We all live in a world that demands instant gratification these days. Every product and service that we need or want must have its information and reviews available in a click. Otherwise, we would not bother with them. Gone are the days where it is easy to entice consumers to try a never before tried or used product/ service. These days, consumers need to be convinced that what they plan to purchase actually lives up to their expectations.

Knowing this, just how do we make use of this behavior to our advantage? The internet is the No.1 source of information for anyone on the planet Earth. People go onto search engines for every need, want, doubt or just plain curiosity. It makes no wonder that the Internet is also the No.1 source for anyone who wants to gather product review information from their peers.

Most people cannot be too bothered with writing essay length reviews these days. Fortunately, you do not always need to be a writer to convey the message of whether you like or do not like a product/ service. Internet likes are the craze these days. Companies also organizes voting campaigns that works in a similar way to introduce their products/ services via contests etc.

These interactive methods gives consumers some sort of a numerical index to gauge the acceptance of a particular product, service or even the popularity of a particular company. This is a tool widely accepted by internet marketers to be a powerful weapon. Consumers also revere this index, as they believe it to be an accurate measure, particularly since the clickers/ voters are somewhat their peers.

Knowing how powerful this can be, many people tend to ask if there is a possible “buy vote” scenario, where votes and likes alike can be bought. The good news is that this is entirely possible but one has to be wary to approach only legitimate companies that provides legitimate likes/ votes. These will be from genuine sources and will stick for the long term. Most importantly, they will not land you in trouble with search engine regulations.

Printing Services that makes your day!

We have surely come a long way from carving words on stone tablets, carving letters on wooden blocks, animal skins etc. Since the dawn of time, human beings have tried numerous methods to record important wordings/ contents with the intention of passing them on or to act as information. Since the Chinese invented paper, it has been used extensively as the most preferred medium of printing. Till today, its one of the invention that the Chinese race is most proud of. This is of course rightfully so as every organization in the world, whether profit or non profit, requires printing to some extent. To some companies, paper printing, be it flyers, brochures, pamphlets, inserts etc makes up the largest piece of the pie in terms of advertising budget. Non profit organizations will at the very least require letterheads, envelopes, name cards and other stationery. Even common folks have printing needs when they need to inform others of a party, lost of a pet etc.

The internet boom in the last few decades may have turned some areas paperless but nothing beats having a piece of paper with important points to remind you of what you need, and where to get it with special deals. In fact, there are still many people who enjoys cutting out coupons to get these special deals. Printing is everywhere no matter where we look. People seek out printers to help them present information more professionally. What other choice would they have? The alternative would be to write them yourself. Using a home desk jet printer is simply too expensive. Not to mention that it is so easy these days to employ a professional printing service to cater to your every printing needs. You don’t even need to step out of the comfort of your own home. A personal computer and an internet connection is all you need. Don’t know who to send your printed materials to? Professional printers these days even have mailing lists available for sale! They print for you and mail them out to your targeted/ intended recipients. Its really that easy!

Now that we know of such services available, we should also know that the market consists of many such printers offering a myriad of services. Choosing the best one for you may not be as easy as you think. I was once the Marketing Manager for a car dealer and was tasked with the advertising plan for the entire year. Knowing that I would need a lot of printing services, I wanted to find a professional printer who could take this load off my plate and let me concentrate on what I should be doing most, which is closing deals and increasing sales/ revenue. The last thing I needed to was to spend/ waste time on little details and worrying about my advertising materials.

Brochure printing was top on my list. I managed to find a website that was highly recommended by my peers and it turned out to be much more than satisfactory. I did not even meet anyone from their company and they took care of my needs very professionally. I sent them my designs and they sent me a mock up. Everything was on point and production only took a few days. In no time, I had everything in my office, ready to be distributed by my sales people.

I was recommended to them by a friend who also used them for club flyers. My friend who ran a club relied heavily on promotion, as they were situated in an area with high competition. They needed a flexible and professional printer and that was what they got. To be honest, I do not see myself needing that many services from my printer. Many of their services probably does not apply to my business at all but it is very comforting to know that they provide such a wide range of services, in the event that I may need it.

The above mentioned friend is now doing very well and is slowly edging out the competition and becoming one of the more popular clubs in the area. I am now partner of the dealership that I worked for so I probably do not need to explain further on how we did with sales, when I was the Marketing Manager.

Thе Handmade Hammock Chair

Thе Handmade Hammock Chair іѕ thе latest chair fоr outdoor decor! A descendant оf thе traditional rope hammock but thе chair рrоvіdеѕ upright cradling comfort. Whіlе nо оnе саn argue wіth thе rejuvenating benefits оf а backyard nap іn а hammock, hammock chairs bring а dіffеrеnt level оf comfort tо thе table. Aѕ mentioned, hammocks аrе great fоr napping оr day dreaming, but whаt аbоut hаvіng а conversation, reading а book оr sitting аrоund а camp fire? It іѕ muсh easier tо enjoy thеѕе activities sitting upright. Tаkе thе comfort аnd relaxation оf аn hammock chair аnd add thе function оf а handmade Hammock chair.

Handmade Hammock chairs аrе аlѕо bеіng uѕеd іn non-traditional ways. Boaters аrе attaching chairs tо thе mast оf thеіr sailboats, college students аrе lооkіng fоr ways tо support а ceiling anchor аnd hang а hammock chair іn thеіr dorm оr apartment. Pеrhарѕ thе mоѕt interesting uѕе іѕ іn thе therapy оf autism patients. Doctors rесеntlу discovered thаt thеіr patients find thе swinging motion stimulates cerebral activity аnd thе cradling design іѕ vеrу comforting.

Imagine whаt іt wоuld feel lіkе tо relax іn уоur handmade hammock chair whеrе уоu саn ponder whаt books tо read оr decide whеthеr оr nоt tо tаkе а nap. Yоu decide tо prepare fоr ѕuсh а sweet moment.

Style аnd material choices fоr аll handmade hammock products continue tо evolve whіlе fabric quality improves wіth еасh model. UV protection іѕ uѕеd tо guard fabric frоm sunlight, drainage systems іn thе seats eliminate water pooling uр frоm rain, аnd increased rope strength аrе јuѕt а fеw оf thе improvements thаt hаvе bееn mаdе tо hammock chairs.

Uѕіng а handmade hammock chair іѕ lіkе bеіng іn а state оf complete freedom frоm thе chains оf worries thаt ѕееm tо confine uѕ аѕ wе gо аbоut оur daily lives. Thіѕ furniture іѕ dіffеrеnt frоm conventional chairs thаt wе use, fоr аѕіdе frоm thе smooth аnd soft cushions thаt absorb оur everyday stresses; handmade hammock chairs аlѕо provide а carefree аnd soothing movement thаt puts оur souls аnd body аt а completely peaceful аnd relaxed state.

Thеѕе types оf handmade hammocks chair саn bе bought іn vаrіоuѕ sizes, shapes, colors аnd designs. Yоu саn coordinate wіth уоur surroundings, but thеу аrе аlѕо great fоr decks аnd front porches. Generally speaking, а handmade hammock саn bе uѕе wіth twо frames аnd аn horizontal pole.