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VIP Treatment for your printing needs!

Everyone enjoys preferential treatment. It sets us apart from the rest and gives us a sense of superiority. We see and use the term VIP very often and many of us know that it stands for Very Important Person. Smart businesses makes their clients feel special and personalized services turns every single client into a Very Important Person. This should be the aim for most businesses but not everyone manages to accomplish this feat.

You can find such a business at where everyone is a VIP. The website’s first impression gives visitors a comfortable feeling. The list of products and services can be seen at one glance in a simple and professional layout. The banners are also very interesting. One thing that caught my eye was the green printing services that helps preserve the environment at no extra cost to the client.

Register and log into your account and you will find that it is easy to maneuver as A, B and C. I was very impressed with how easy it all is but still decided to test their customer service by calling the customer service hotline. The personalized service I received was impeccable to say the least. I was very patiently dealt with and was shown the way step by step. I was also introduced to many other services that was related and would be of use some day.

The company name is true to its name for sure. Printing VIP truly provides a VIP treatment to its clients with an array of services that is unparalleled. I especially love the slogan that assures me that I am working with the right company. It says “The Largest Selection of Offset & Digital Products in the Market Today”. If I had not experienced their services first hand, I might not have believed this phrase and would have mistook it as an exaggeration. But I am truly convinced of their diversity and professionalism in their services.

My order is already on its way to me. I highly recommend any businesses of individuals of have any sort of printing needs to contact Printing VIP.



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Votes and Likes can be bought?

We all live in a world that demands instant gratification these days. Every product and service that we need or want must have its information and reviews available in a click. Otherwise, we would not bother with them. Gone are the days where it is easy to entice consumers to try a never before tried or used product/ service. These days, consumers need to be convinced that what they plan to purchase actually lives up to their expectations.

Knowing this, just how do we make use of this behavior to our advantage? The internet is the No.1 source of information for anyone on the planet Earth. People go onto search engines for every need, want, doubt or just plain curiosity. It makes no wonder that the Internet is also the No.1 source for anyone who wants to gather product review information from their peers.

Most people cannot be too bothered with writing essay length reviews these days. Fortunately, you do not always need to be a writer to convey the message of whether you like or do not like a product/ service. Internet likes are the craze these days. Companies also organizes voting campaigns that works in a similar way to introduce their products/ services via contests etc.

These interactive methods gives consumers some sort of a numerical index to gauge the acceptance of a particular product, service or even the popularity of a particular company. This is a tool widely accepted by internet marketers to be a powerful weapon. Consumers also revere this index, as they believe it to be an accurate measure, particularly since the clickers/ voters are somewhat their peers.

Knowing how powerful this can be, many people tend to ask if there is a possible “buy vote” scenario, where votes and likes alike can be bought. The good news is that this is entirely possible but one has to be wary to approach only legitimate companies that provides legitimate likes/ votes. These will be from genuine sources and will stick for the long term. Most importantly, they will not land you in trouble with search engine regulations.

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My Recommendation of a Tropical Paradise – Miami & Key West

In my somewhat brief stint as a tour agency agent, I encountered many different requests for different tour routes and different people always seem to have different reasons for choosing the route/ destination that they wanted. Some people wanted a romantic getaway, some wanted to just relax with no frills after a long quarter of mind numbing work, some wanted a perfect family getaway while some just want some alone time.

No matter what their reasons may be, I always find myself including Miami and Key West among the choices that I recommend. Miami to Key West is also very accessible between each another with several transportation choices available 24/7. Miami has been glorified and glamorized by the media and TV shows but the reality is quite different. It is actually a very enjoyable place and once you get the hang of it, you pretty much do not want to leave.

Key West is a beautiful island that one may find to be a little eccentric at first due to the variety of activities that ranges from frat parties to art galleries. The disparity is huge to say the least. Of course, do forget that we are on a beach city and island so there is definitely no shortage of beach and water activities such as parasailing, watching dolphins, diving, beach soccer, beach volleyball etc. The coral reefs will definitely amaze you and the underwater world view and tour will make you believe that it is Atlantis being inhabited by Aquaman.

Miami to Key West tours are abundant. Find a reputable tour agency and you will be set for a great time. Besides the traditional way of touring both attractions, you can also opt for train tours that lasts for only 90 minutes, if you do not have an entire day(s) to spare. Trolley tours are also very popular among tourists and is considered as a major attraction.

Treat yourself to the culture, glamour and history of Miami and indulge yourself in the magic island of Key West. Many of my clients gave ten thumbs up upon returning and word of mouth has made this destination combo very very popular indeed.


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Printing Services that makes your day!

We have surely come a long way from carving words on stone tablets, carving letters on wooden blocks, animal skins etc. Since the dawn of time, human beings have tried numerous methods to record important wordings/ contents with the intention of passing them on or to act as information. Since the Chinese invented paper, it has been used extensively as the most preferred medium of printing. Till today, its one of the invention that the Chinese race is most proud of. This is of course rightfully so as every organization in the world, whether profit or non profit, requires printing to some extent. To some companies, paper printing, be it flyers, brochures, pamphlets, inserts etc makes up the largest piece of the pie in terms of advertising budget. Non profit organizations will at the very least require letterheads, envelopes, name cards and other stationery. Even common folks have printing needs when they need to inform others of a party, lost of a pet etc.

The internet boom in the last few decades may have turned some areas paperless but nothing beats having a piece of paper with important points to remind you of what you need, and where to get it with special deals. In fact, there are still many people who enjoys cutting out coupons to get these special deals. Printing is everywhere no matter where we look. People seek out printers to help them present information more professionally. What other choice would they have? The alternative would be to write them yourself. Using a home desk jet printer is simply too expensive. Not to mention that it is so easy these days to employ a professional printing service to cater to your every printing needs. You don’t even need to step out of the comfort of your own home. A personal computer and an internet connection is all you need. Don’t know who to send your printed materials to? Professional printers these days even have mailing lists available for sale! They print for you and mail them out to your targeted/ intended recipients. Its really that easy!

Now that we know of such services available, we should also know that the market consists of many such printers offering a myriad of services. Choosing the best one for you may not be as easy as you think. I was once the Marketing Manager for a car dealer and was tasked with the advertising plan for the entire year. Knowing that I would need a lot of printing services, I wanted to find a professional printer who could take this load off my plate and let me concentrate on what I should be doing most, which is closing deals and increasing sales/ revenue. The last thing I needed to was to spend/ waste time on little details and worrying about my advertising materials.

Brochure printing was top on my list. I managed to find a website that was highly recommended by my peers and it turned out to be much more than satisfactory. I did not even meet anyone from their company and they took care of my needs very professionally. I sent them my designs and they sent me a mock up. Everything was on point and production only took a few days. In no time, I had everything in my office, ready to be distributed by my sales people.

I was recommended to them by a friend who also used them for club flyers. My friend who ran a club relied heavily on promotion, as they were situated in an area with high competition. They needed a flexible and professional printer and that was what they got. To be honest, I do not see myself needing that many services from my printer. Many of their services probably does not apply to my business at all but it is very comforting to know that they provide such a wide range of services, in the event that I may need it.

The above mentioned friend is now doing very well and is slowly edging out the competition and becoming one of the more popular clubs in the area. I am now partner of the dealership that I worked for so I probably do not need to explain further on how we did with sales, when I was the Marketing Manager.

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